A Documentary Theatre


Festival Tour

2013 Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival, World Premiere.

The work One Fine Day premiered in September 2013 , Beijing. According to the box office record, it was the most popular show during the 2013 Beijing International Youth Theatre Festival.

The performance consists of 19 narrators’ personal stories. All the 19 narrators are working and living in Beijing. They come from all ages and work in various professions. Most of them have different hometowns. The youngest narrative is about 20 while the eldest is around 60. They narrate their real experience in the theatre, and such personal live storytelling soon unfolds the geopolitical significance of China’s urbanisation process.

During the performance, each narrator carries a receiver, a transmitter and is in charge of an independent channel. Every audience member is equipped with a headset and a radio. The audiences could switch channels at any time to choose which narrator to listen to. The play is about 70 minutes long and the uninterrupted narration is around 55 minutes.

This work differs from the conventional “Pre-recorded Theatre” aesthetics, it changes the experiences of the audiences in theatre which made the work deeply attractive and touching.