A Documentary Theatre takes place on a bus

25.3km 童话

Festival Tour
2013 Beijing Nanluoguxiang Theatre Festival, World Premiere.

25.3km Fairy Tale is co-produced by Penghao theatre and New Youth Group. The work has performed once as a New Year celebration, named as 25.3 km, on December 31st, 2013.

25.3km Fairy Tale calls for ordinary people who are willing to participate. About 200 people took part in the audition, 60 of whom were finally chosen as main performers. Together, they represent the city. But separately, they are all individuals.

The plot of 25.3km Fairy Tale is set on a moving bus, which runs through a 6km round journey chosen by the crew. There are 4 different stations along the way, at which audiences can get on or off the bus freely. Thus, every time the bus stops, different participants can take part in the performance. The participants were informed to think about questions such as “what is choice?” “what is future?” and “what is fear?” before the performance kicks off. The general audience can pick any of these questions and ask the participants to tell their stories.

The bus runs until the last passenger leaves. The journey is interwoven with the sharing and extension of individual experience, as well as the story of Robinson Crusoe. 25.3km Fairy Tale is trying to explore the relationship between the city and the people who dwell in it.

Similar as One Fine Day, 25.3km Fairy Tale expects different versions in different cities, as the creative team believes that theatre comes from life and therefore reflects life.